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  • Andrew Cigna

Northwest Healthcare Properties: Expanding Reach and Strengthening Finances

The Bakersfield Heart Hospital

Canadian international healthcare real estate infrastructure operator, Northwest Healthcare Properties, has recently made significant moves to optimize its portfolio and improve its financial position. The company is finalizing a joint venture in the United Kingdom and has successfully concluded the sale of a hospital in California. These strategic actions align with Northwest Healthcare Properties' goals of reducing debt, acquiring units at favorable prices, and enhancing its presence in key markets. This blog post will delve into the details of these developments and highlight their potential impact on the company.

  1. UK Healthcare Real Estate Joint Venture: Northwest Healthcare Properties is in the final stages of completing a UK healthcare real estate joint venture. Expected to close this month, this venture signifies the company's commitment to expanding its operations in the UK market. By partnering with a major institutional investor, Northwest Healthcare Properties gains additional resources and strengthens its third-party capital management platform. This joint venture represents a strong vote of confidence in the attractiveness of healthcare real estate from one of the world's largest investors.

  2. Sale of Bakersfield Hospital, California: In a recent transaction, Northwest Healthcare Properties successfully sold its Bakersfield Hospital located in California, USA, for CA$65 million (US$56 million). This sale, which concluded last month, was executed at a 6.5% capitalization rate. The hospital was considered a non-core asset within the company's US portfolio. The proceeds from this sale will contribute to Northwest Healthcare Properties' debt reduction strategy and provide liquidity for future investments.

  3. Unit Repurchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan Suspension: To capitalize on the current market conditions and take advantage of the company's depressed unit prices, Northwest Healthcare Properties plans to use a portion of the cash generated from the recent transactions to acquire up to 10% of its public float under a normal course issuer bid (NCIB). This repurchase initiative demonstrates the company's confidence in its high-quality healthcare real estate portfolio. Furthermore, the suspension of the dividend reinvestment plan allows the company to prioritize debt reduction and strategic investments.

  4. Financial Strength and Flexibility: Northwest Healthcare Properties currently has CA$12.0 billion of committed third-party capital and an additional CA$4.0 billion in undrawn capacity, providing the company with robust financial flexibility. These financial resources, combined with the net proceeds from non-core asset sales, are projected to yield over $150 million of excess liquidity. This surplus will be strategically redeployed to further reduce leverage and acquire units under the NCIB.

  5. Global Portfolio and Market Valuations: As of March 31, 2023, Northwest Healthcare Properties boasts a vast global portfolio spanning 18.6 million square feet and comprising 233 properties in major markets across Canada, the United States, Brazil, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The company's portfolio includes medical office buildings, clinics, and hospitals characterized by long-term indexed leases and stable occupancies. While market valuations are currently below internal values due to market conditions and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Northwest Healthcare Properties remains confident in the underlying value of its portfolio.

Northwest Healthcare Properties' recent joint venture in the UK and the successful sale of its Bakersfield Hospital mark significant milestones in the company's growth strategy. By expanding its presence in the UK market and optimizing its portfolio through non-core asset sales, the company aims to strengthen its financial position and unlock value for its shareholders. With a robust global portfolio and a focus on reducing leverage and acquiring units, Northwest Healthcare Properties is well-positioned for long-term success in the healthcare real estate sector.

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