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SmartStop Self Storage Expands Presence in Toronto Canada

SmartStop Self Storage

The real estate market in Toronto, Canada, has seen a significant development as SmartStop Self Storage REIT announces its expansion plans in the city. With a strategic move to meet the rising demand for self-storage solutions, SmartStop has acquired eight top-notch facilities in the greater Toronto area. This expansion, valued at $CA300 million, solidifies SmartStop's position as one of the leading operators in the Canadian self-storage market. In this article, we will delve into the details of this expansion, the company's vision for strategic growth, and the factors driving the demand for self-storage in Toronto.

SmartStop's Vision for Strategic Growth:

H. Michael Schwartz, the Chief Executive of SmartStop, expresses his confidence in the recent expansion, emphasizing its alignment with the company's vision for strategic growth. The acquisition of these Class-A facilities not only strengthens SmartStop's commitment to serving the Canadian market but also addresses the growing demand for purpose-built self-storage solutions in the greater Toronto area. With this move, SmartStop now owns or manages a total of 33 operating self-storage properties in Canada, covering an impressive 3 million square feet, making it the fifth largest operator in the country.

Acquisition Details:

The eight-facility portfolio acquired by SmartStop, through its affiliates Strategic Storage Trust VI Inc. and Strategic Growth Trust III Inc., consists of 7,400 units and 758,000 rentable square feet. The strategic locations of these facilities, including 1450 Don Mills Rd., 411 Cityview Blvd., 19 Esandar Drive, 1230 Lakeshore Rd. E, 24 Sanford Ave. N, 2068 South Sheridan Way, 1770 Appleby Line, and 7 Ingram Drive, have been carefully selected in desirable high-growth areas. These locations offer strong demographics, solid household incomes and populations, and excellent visibility, contributing to their attractiveness.

SmartStop's Expansion Momentum:

SmartStop's expansion in Toronto is part of its broader growth strategy across Canada. In the past 12 months, the company has added 14 operating self-storage facilities, including expansions into Edmonton and Vancouver, with a total value of $CA450 million. Each of these Class-A assets presents unique opportunities for growth and innovation, enabling SmartStop to further strengthen its presence in the dynamic Canadian self-storage landscape.

Factors Driving the Demand for Self-Storage:

The self-storage boom in Toronto can be attributed to several factors. The rise of smaller dwellings, particularly condominiums, has resulted in limited space for residents to store their personal possessions. As a result, individuals and families seek reliable and secure self-storage solutions to cater to their additional storage needs. Additionally, changing lifestyles and the trend of minimalistic living have led people to seek external storage options for items they do not regularly use but wish to keep for sentimental or future use purposes. The convenience, flexibility, and security offered by self-storage facilities make them an ideal choice for those in need of additional space.

Insights from MPAC:

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) sheds light on the growth of the self-storage industry in Ontario, including Toronto. Over the past three years, 4.2 million square feet of self-storage space has been added in Ontario, representing an 11% increase. To put it into perspective, the current 37.3 million square feet of commercial self-storage space is equivalent to the total ice surface of approximately 2,200 NHL rinks. Greg Martino, the Vice-President and Chief Valuation and Standards Officer at MPAC, attributes this boom to factors such as smaller dwellings and the need for additional storage space.

SmartStop Self Storage's expansion in Toronto marks a significant milestone in the company's growth trajectory. With the acquisition of eight state-of-the-art facilities in the greater Toronto area, SmartStop solidifies its position as a leading operator in the Canadian self-storage market. The strategic move demonstrates SmartStop's commitment to serving the Canadian market and addressing the rising demand for self-storage solutions in the thriving city of Toronto. As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, SmartStop's expansion sets the stage for further growth and innovation in the self-storage industry.

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